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Zarrab says Giuliani and Mukasey are not negotiating with US New York SD’s Attorney Office

Ilhan Tanir, Washington DC

Reza Zarrab’s defense lawyer Benjamin Brafman responded Judge Berman’s questions with regards to Msssr. Giuliani and Mukasey’s roles in Zarrab’s defense team.

Brafman said, Giuliani and Mukasey’s roles are different from other lawyers and they “do not represent Ms. Zarrab before this Court, are not involved in trial preparation or plea discussions with US Attorney’s Office for the SDNY.”

Previously it was reported by New York Times that both are hired to do the plea bargaining with US Attorney Office.

If not New York’s South District US Attorney Office, would they be negotiating with somewhere else?

Zarrab, who is an Iranian-born Turkish businessman, has been arrested in Florida March of 2016 on charges that he and others conspired to conduct hundreds of millions of dollars in financial transactions for the Iranian government or other entities to evade U.S. sanctions.

This week, this time Turkey’s largest public lender, Halkbank’s top executive, Mehmet Hakan Atilla got arrested in New York’s JFK airport. Atilla will face the judge on April 10th. Currently he is in the same jail as Zarrab, at New York MCC.

Judge German decided last Tuesday to hold conference meeting to see if Giuliani and Mukasey’s hiring is legal and whether it poses any conflict of interests due to their respective attorney offices.

Defense once more insisted that there is no Curcio hearing needed for Giuliani and Mukasey hirings by Zarrab.

The U.S. Attorney Office of SDNY is supposed to write their own petition in response to Zarrab by tomorrow, as Judge German requested on Tuesday.

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