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29 Turkish journalists brought to the court 8 months later for the first time

The case began with the arguments between the court justice and the defendants’ lawyers. They claimed that the indictment is not even read to their clients, leading to a procedural error by the court. The objection was overruled.

29 journalists accused of being member of Fethullah Terror Organization/Parallel State Establishment (FETÖ/PDY) have been brought to the court for the first time after 8 months of custody. It was found out that the chief judge of the court, İbrahim Lorasdağı, concluded the arrest of 4 journalists including Atilla Taş at the time of investigation. The defendants’ lawyers objected that the judge who decided during the investigation cannot take part in during the court proceedings, referring it as procedural error. However, this objection was overruled due to the absence of the adequate evidence.

 According to the report by Evrensel, as part of the ongoing investigation regarding FETO’s media establishment, the indictment was prepared by Murat Çağlak of Terror and  Organized Crime Bureau from the office of chief public prosecutor at Istanbul. In 196 page long indictment, 28 journalists out of 29 are accused of being a member whereas Said Sefa who is alleged to be the owner of “FuatAvni” twitter account is accused of high ranking member. Among 29 journalists being tried, 26 of them are in custody whereas one of them is not. Other two journalists, Said Sefa and Bülent Ceyhan, are at large.

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