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The headman who did not participate Erdogan’s rally removed from the office

In the City of Manisa, a headman who did not attend the mass opening and referendum rally held on February 24th by Erdogan has been removed from the office. While many people from surrounding provinces were brought to the rally by the bus, it turned out that Salihli district Gaffar Okkan neighborhood headman Kamuran Kocaman was taken out of duty because he did not attend the rally, according to Turkish news portal Odatv.

It was stated that Kocaman, who was called to the district governorship on the same day because he did not attend to the rally, was notified of his removal from office by using a charge which was postponed as a justification. Instead of Kocaman another headman appointed to office.

Speaking to the Gundem News, Kocaman said that he did not go to the meeting organized by Erdoğan in Manisa on 24 February  and got  a call from governor of district and said “President has come to Manisa. I did not go to the meeting because it was busy. The governor called. He asked me if I had not gone to the meeting. I told him that I was busy so could not go. He said to me, ‘Come and see me after the lunch, we need to talk.’ When I went after lunch, he told me that I was taken from duty “.

The reason for his removal based on Kocaman’s statement was a charge which was postponed in 2010. Kocaman said he got a driver license from an institute which later turned out to be not certified by government. Salihli(a district of city of Manisa) Headmen Association stated that they don’t know the exact reason behind the removal.

Another headman who did not go to palace for Erdogan’s speech also went through an Investigation  

On the other hand, an investigation based on claims of “insulting the president” about the headman of Trabzon’s Vakfıkebir Çarşı district Gökhan Bahadır who refused to participate to the weekly meetings which were held by Erdogan at the Presidential palace was opened in January.

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