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President of the International Assoc of Judges: The End of the Rule of Law in Turkey

By Ela Gonca Izmirli

The President of IAJ (International Association of Judges), Christophe Regnard published an “appeal for independent judiciary and Democracy in Turkey” document on Twitter in English and Turkish.

The document emphasizes the IAJ’s concerns that the judiciary will be turned into an instrument of power.

Citing a similar report from the Venice Commission, the paper talks about the current unlawful use of the power of the current government to undermine the independence of the judiciary in Turkey by dismissing judges without proper procedure.

The document questions the independence of the judiciary saying that since the attempted coup, the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) dismissed and arrested 24.4 percent of all judges (2538 out of 10382) and 24.3 percent (1121 out of 4622).

The report also says that the IAJ is alarmed by the proposed Constitutional changes and Agrees with the Venice Commissions report that the amendment will place “the independence of the judiciary under serious jeopardy.”

Adding that the letter is in no way directed against the Turkish people or the Turkish nation, but it is based on the IAJ’s concern that the country may lose its core values ​​shared by other democratic societies and encouragesTurkish people to:
“-to be aware of these developments,

-asks them to contribute to fully re-establish the independence of the judiciary in Turkey,

-to convince the Turkish authorities to reinstall the unduly dismissed and to free the improperly detained judges and prosecutors and

-to help the Turkish people to guarantee them an independent judiciary, which protects their rights and freedoms ”

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