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Questions linger why 23 year old Kurkut got to be killed by police officers at Newroz Park

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Kemal Kurkut, 23, was killed by police officers due to being suspect of a suicide bomber in Diyarbakir at the Newroz celebration park. He was a student at a universty and he came from Malatya to Diyarbakir for the Newroz celebrations, according to various Turkish press reports.

Diyarbakır Governor Huseyin Aksoy claimed that Kurkut yelled he had a knife and security forces thought he was a suicide bomber. Governor also asserted he had a plastic bag on him, though it is seen by plenty of photos taken at the scene that his top was bare. Korkut’s photos have been released by Dicle Agency that he possesses no bag and does not wear a shirt.

It is clear that police officers at the scene firing repeatedly in the air but some of them targeting and firing at Kurkut. It is claimed that by police chief’s orders, officers kept shooting at him.

There are also other photographs showing that Kurkut having an argument with the police at the Newroz Park checkpoint, then he passes the checkpoint and starting to walk towards the grounds, after 10-15 meters, clutching his wound. Kurkut finally falls down behind on the side of the road. Kurkut was taken to a hospital by an ambulance, but lost his life there.


In a tweet, musician Ferhat Tunç wrote that Kemal Kurkut, who was killed due to suspected suicide bomber was actually a ”a good music student.”

Former CHP MP Hüseyin Aygün, in another tweet, simply asked: ”why this kid got killed in the middle of the day, in Diyarbakır.”

Update: Pro-Kurdish HDP Party MP Lezgin Botan, in a tweet, made this explanation for the killing:


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