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Students who were taken to the “Yes” meeting left the hall

According to a news in Evrensel (Universal) daily, students who were taken to a panel on the constitutional amendments referendum organized by Youth and Educational Services Foundation of Turkey (TÜRGEV) in Manisa and which Bilal Erdoğan attended as orator left the activity when they saw the contents, according to Evrensel website reported.

The students who were taken to the panel on the “New Generation, New Constitution” organized by TÜRGEV in Manisa left the hall when they learned the content of the meeting which Bilal Erdoğan, one of founders of the Foundation, participated as a speaker.

The students returning to the school and reacting to the school administration by reading in unison the Izmir anthem were threatened this time with the legal action being taken against them on the grounds that they were doing politics within the school.

On 21st March Tuesday morning Dündar Çiloğlu Anatolian High School and Manisa Religious (İmam Hatip) High School students were taken to a panel organized by TÜRGEV in Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Celal Bayar University and Bilal Erdoğan was an orator at the panel.

Dundar Çiloğlu Anatolian High School’s about 120 students, all 12th grade, who were not told where they were being taken to, did not want to go in when they learned the content of the conference.

Students narrated the story as follows: “The school manager said that the students will be taken to a conference by saying that they have received a letter from National Education Directorate. They made us march headfirst to place we’ll go without even renting a bus. They did not answer when we asked where we were going. When we went to the hall, they took the girls and the boys separately and they did not let sit side by side. When we learned about the content of the conference, we all wanted to get out.

Most of us got out, but we met with our teachers’ great reactions. The women employees on the door did not want to let us get out. The students left behind could not get out of the hall because Bilal Erdoğan would come. We returned to our school. We were threatened since we had read in unison the (İzmir) anthem to show our reaction our school manager. To sing the Izmir Anthem in the school is to do politics. Against us has been started legal action.”

Students stated that it was funny that they were taken against such a reaction since they song an anthem which was not directly related to any political party such as Izmir Anthem after they were taken to such a conference during the school hours.

Şeref Güçlü


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