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Melih Gökçek: “The order in Rotterdam was given by FETO”

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Melih Gökçek attached the crisis between Turkey and the Netherlands to “FETO”, claimed left-leaning BirGün daily Monday.

Gökçek, who evaluated in his explanations on TGRT Haber TV the crisis broken out with the Netherlands, narrated the attack carried out with dogs and pepper gas against the Turks who were protesting Turkey’s Family and Social Policy Minister Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya’s deportation.

Claiming that the attack was carried out “with the promptings of FETO”, Gökçek argued that the purpose of these promptings was to prevent Turkey from establishing good relations in Europe.

Lieutenant Mehmet Ali Çelebi, a CHP PM (People’s Republican Party Party Assembly) who was in prison during “plot” cases, shared Gökçek’s these images, and “The order to interfere with guns in Rotterdam had been given by FETO. I wonder if they also bouht there parcel by parcel?” he badmouthed to Gökçek. This sharing of Çelebi was also retweeted dozens of times.

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