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Mazlumder’s 16 branches were closed

The human rights organization, Mazlumder, which has Islamic sensitivity has closed its 16 branches in Turkey during its extraordinary convention. Those branches are generally in eastern cities such as Diyarbakir, Urfa, Van, Sirnak, Batman and Gaziantep. On the other hand some brunches in the biggest cities of Turkey like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara have closed according to taken decisions by the delegates on the extraordinary general assembly of foundation.

At the general assembly, Ramazan Beyhan became the president of the Mazlumder. In addition, head office bringed to Istanbul.

According to T24’s report, Mazlumder cloesed its 16 branches in different cities. On the other hand, there were different decisions about the foundation. Afterwards branches of Mazlumder cannot be host on political meetings and Mazlumder cannot canalize their members to the politcal parties.

You can also find whole decisions of the general assembly from the official webside of Mazlumder.

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