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Ali Gul, 22, said, “I will be arrested if my ‘no’ video caught on”, and he got arrested

He shot a ‘No’ video, Erdoğan sued, Prosecutor arrested

Video named “What is No?” shot by Ali Gül, is breaking records in the social media. Following the interest for the video, Gül received a criminal complaint from the lawyers of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. And today, Turkish judge decided to arrest Gül. Gül used the expressions “We will be arrested if the video is caught on” at the end of the “No” video, which is highly acclaimed in the social media.

In the past week “Guclu Meclis Platform” (Strong Assembly Platform) has released a video named “What is No?” about the referendum upcoming via its Twitter account nicknamed @guclumeclisp. In the video, 22-year-old student Ali Gül has explained why they must say ‘no’ to referendum. After this video spreading rapidly and reaching to millions of people, Gül became a target. Some social media accounts have claimed that @DjerzinskiFelix’s nicknamed Twitter account also belongs to Gül, and that this account is sharing some criminal materials.


President Erdogan’s lawyer Ahmet Özay has also made an allegation about Gül to charges of imprisonment of 1.5 years to 8 years for his crimes of “insulting Turkish nation, Turkish Republic, institutions and organs of the state, praising crime and criminality, insulting the President”. It was alleged that the shares made from @DjerzinskiFelix Twitter account also belongs to Gül.

He said, “It’s not mine,” but …

Gül, who came to the court from Monday morning upon the invitation of the Istanbul Press Prosecutor, was taken into custody. On the day that Gül was taken into custody, a news item appeared in a newspaper in the direction of the President’s lawyer’s claim. Gül brought to the judiciary, questioned by Utku Tepe, Press Prosecutor. Gül said that @DjerzinskiFelix Twitter account does not belong to him by refusing the claims. Gül’s lawyer Yiğit Acar said that those who are disturbed by Gül’s “No” video are carrying out a smear campaign that says that the related account belongs to him. Acar stated that the account that led to the accusation of his client had to be found who ruled them by the prosecutor and he added they will make an allegation about that slander. Despite this, Prosecutor Tepe dispatched Gül to the Criminal Courts of Peace for detention from the offense of “insulting the President”

“We knew we could be arrested”

Ali Gül said “We shot a ‘No’ video and knew we could be arrested” in a new video published from the way of courthouse. “Now I’m going to testify to the prosecutor, then I will probably be arrested. But it does not matter, I’m not afraid. We have a debt to Mustafa Kemal who always says ‘I have all hope for youth’, I am going to pay that debt. The children of this nation, the young people of this nation deserve freedom and happiness, not fear, death or captivity. Those days will come” he added.

Osman Bilgin from Cumhuriyet

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