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They hung mock-up Gülen during Ömer Halisdemir trial

According to the news report by pro-government newspaper Akit, a group of people hung the mock-up of Fethullah Gülen during Ömer Halisdemir trial. Newspaper report continued as follows;

The defendants of the case about Officer Halisdemir’s martyrdom were brought to the judiciary. Halisdemir had changed the course of FETÖ’s coup attempt by shooting a pro-coup general, Semih Terzi, who wanted to seize the Special Forces Command.

A group of citizens, who throw an ‘oily tether’ (by implying execution) on the defendants, hung the model of FETÖ ringleader Gülen by establishing a simulated stand of execution.

People who were protesting the defendants were gathered in front of the courthouse’s door before the trial in Ankara 14th High Criminal Court. The police also took security measures here.

They were also holding banners writing “Traitor FETÖ’s servants”, “Trojan Horse of Papacy: FETÖ”, “Thief FETÖ”, “Murderer FETÖ”, “This country is the nation’s not coup’s”, We are all Ömer Halisdemir”, “We want death penalty” by saying Allahuekber.

Some of the protesters threw oily tethers over the defendants who were passing through the corridor that police created.

On the other hand, the protesters set up a representative stand of execution here, and they hung FETO ringleader Gülen’s model, “Name: Fetoşkeştayn, Crime: Traitor, Punishment: Death Penalty, On behalf of all martyrs, Ömer Halisdemir” writing on it.  

Osman Bilgin translated from Yeni Akit

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