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Fmr Minister Bağış: In order to avoid civil war, we must say “Yes”

Former Minister of EU and State, Chief Negotiator, and 22nd, 23rd, and 24th term AKP MP from Istanbul Egemen Bağış spoke with Tülin Tonkuş from Cri Türk about recent headlines and the upcoming April 16 referendum.

Former Minister had to resign his post after December 17-25 corruption cases when the allegation of bribes from Reza Zarrab became public.

Former Minister is still known for his close ties to President Erdoğan and participating public events with President, other AKP officials and frequent TV guest on behalf of the current government.

When asked the question, “What will change in Turkey if we vote ‘Yes’ on the referendum?” the former minister gave a noteworthy response.

Bağış responded: “The package contains 18 items, and there are at least 18 reasons to say yes. But beyond these 18 reasons, we must also say yes in order to strengthen Turkey, to ensure stability and continuity in the country, to guard Turkey against unrest and civil war. Beyond that, if we consider the items individually, we must say yes in order to ensure that members of parliament can actually create laws, to pave the way for those of voting age to become elected as well, to guarantee that the judiciary is as independent as it is impartial, to facilitate the appropriate construction of checks between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, to allow the High Council of Judges and Prosecutors to represent the sensibilities of society without being coopted by any gang, religious community, or interest group, to end terror and the economy.


Bağış also answered the question, “When we look at Turkey’s abandonment after July 15th or the interdiction of rallies during the referendum process, is Turkey being ostracized?” with the following: “What we experienced on July 15 was in fact an attempt to provoke a civil war in Turkey. However, all that we have gone through is more complicated and encompassing than anything that could have been thought up by a primary school graduate, charlatan, retired preacher. In other words, it is clear that the real culprit behind these events is the despicable external powers. External powers do not wish prosperity on Turkey, they wish for it to weaken. They wish for it to be a tree that is pruned when it grows too big but watered when it becomes too dry. However Ak Party is working to achieve the independence that Atatürk envisioned. It is striving to create a strong, growing Turkey, and this is causing discomfort abroad.

Translated from Turkish Press by Oya Aktaş


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