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Copy-Paste Rejections for Journalist Şık from Judge Kafalı

Imprisonment of  Cumhuriyet newspaper Journalist Ahmet Şık has reached to 80th day and 2 times monthly imprisonment review has been about Ahmet Şık who was arrested due to his Twitter sharings, and both of them were rejected. Both of the judgements from 2 different courts have undersigned by Judge Necmettin Kafalı and decisions are copy-paste of each other.

Journalist Ahmet Şık was arrested 80 days ago , on 30 December 2016, by Istanbul 8th Magistrate Atila Ozturk due to news and twitter comments by claim that FETO/PDY and PKK propaganda was made. In his decisions , he accepted that as both organizations are separate and it looks like a contradiction, “Investigations after 15 June Coup attempt and when  information reflected to the community considered , he alleged that  these abroad supported organisations acted in coordinations during coup attempt and afterwards. Upon arrestment decision, 2 monthly imprisonment reviews were made and imprisonment decision was carried on. Altough both decision looks like that these were 2 separate decision  given by 2 different judges , both of them were undersigned by Judge Necmettin Kafali and both decisions are similar to each other.

By copy-paste judgements of Istanbul 8. And 10. Criminal Court of Peace, terror definition from Fight against Terror Law, was mentioned, it was stated country agenda was prepared crisis of statement call made National Intelligence Agency Undersecretary Hakan Fidan and 17-25 December operations.

By judgement, in which blody 15 June coup attempt incidents were mentioned, it was stated that FETO/PDY organisations  organisations were armed terror organisations and their aims were defined.

In these 3 pages judgements, there were only 29 lines about imprisonment of Ahmet SIK. By Judge Kafali assessment, he pledged that Ahmet SIK’s twitter sharings and articles on Cumhuriyet.com.tr website , are propogandas of PKK/KCK and FETO/PDY terror organisations. However it was not clarified which of SIK’s words were reflecting this mentioned propaganda.

Made up release request of his wife

Legal assessment part of Istanbul 3rd Criminal Court of Peace of which Kafali (Istanbul 10th Magistrate) was duty judge, belongs to another suspect. It is not known who was this suspect , only his marital status known. Likewise last sentence of the assessment includes following statements :

“ imprisonment of the suspect is to continue, additionally release request of suspect and his wife is to be rejected due to the previously stated reasons.” In fast there was no such release request applied by SIK’s wife. Judge Kafali, stated that evidence collection process is going on extensively by claiming that there is strong crime suspicion for the accusations about SIK. However accusation about SIK is for propaganda claim only depending some news and sharings and there are all in hands of the prosecution office.

Copy decisions of Kafali is not special to SIK case decisions. Previously Kafali rejected to the first pleading made for arrestment of Cumhuriyet  Chief Editor Murat Sabuncu, executive officer Akin Atalay, newspaper supplement “BOOK” director Turhan Gunay, Editorlia consultant and writer KAdri Gursel , Reader representative Guray Oz, drawer Kusa Kart , writer Hakan Kara , newspaper attorneys Bulent Utku abd Mustafa Kemal gungor and director Onder Celik and he copied the arrestment decision made by Istanbul 9th Magistrate Mustafa Cakar dated 18 November 2016.


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