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Pro-AKP Columnist Albayrak: “Think about the sentence you use before you pronounce it”

Columnist Hakan Albayrak, criticized Cavusoglu in his column for “playing with Turkey’s reputation and making it lose its reputation”

Hakan Albayrak started his writing with Cavusoglu’s words“ If the Netherlands cancels my flight, if they constantly threaten, if they do such a thing, this will have important economic and political consequences for the Netherlands…”

He followed up on this quote by heavily criticizing Cavusoglu: “The Dutch government didn’t only cancel Cavusoglu’s flight it also deported Betul Sayan, Minister of the family and social policies. Besides, the police has violently attacked Turks who came to support our minister in Rotterdam

So what happened?

Exactly one week has passed since the events, so what happened?

We have complained to the European Union…

  • We asked the ambassador of the Netherlands who was already in the Netherlands to not come for a bit more to Turkey
  • We shut down the Turkish-Dutch friendship group at the Parliament
  • We cancelled the sister city agreement between Rotterdam and Istanbul”

“The threats of Cavusoglu are irrelevant”

Are these the “really big sanctions” that the Netherlands was going to face. Are there the “really bad consequences” that Cavusoglu was talking about? If these are the really consequences what are the small consequences?

“There will be no economic sanctions”

The announcement of the economy minister Nihat Zeybekci makes this entire situation even worse: “I say it clearly, our commercial relationships with no country – the Netherlands included – will be on the table” (There will be no economic sanctions against the Netherlands)

“Think about the sentence you use before you pronounce it”

Don’t get it wrong I am not saying to let go of our common sense and damage our citizens in the Netherlands by declaring an economic and political war. This is what I am saying: As a politician, think about the sentence you use before pronouncing it, especially when it is addressed to a foreign country, don’t threaten someone if you can’t do what you’re saying.”

“Cavusoglu has eroded Turkey’s reputation”

If you want you can gamble with you own reputation but you do not have the right to play with your country’s reputation and make people say “it’s fine let’s not care about Tukey’s threats, they can’t do anything substantial that can hurt us.” Cavusoglu has played with Turkey’s reputation and made us lose our reputation.

The “Tulip” Joke

On this occasion, I also would like to precise that I found Cavusoglu’s “Tulip” joke extremely inappropriate and shameful. In general, I cannot approve of Cavusoglu’s attitude and his word choice.

“Defying so loudly hurts Turkey”

Again on this occasion… The habit of our politician and in particular our president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to loudly defy foreign countries hurts Turkey’s reputation.

They’re confrontational all the time… Everyday, everywhere, in every speech they defy a country… They get confrontational so often that their words lose their meaning. I think they should be more “reluctant” on this matter. It would be more appropriate to leave provocation to the likes of the Bild newspaper in our country.

“The Insistence of ministers about going to the Netherlands”

One more thing on this topic… Nothing justifies the attitude of the Dutch government towards the Turkey, but I find the insistence of ministers about going to the Netherlands inacceptable as a Turk.

If I was in Cavusoglu’s or Saya Kaya’s spot I would say in my head “if the Dutch don’t want me then I have nothing to do with them” and I would say out loud “This decision is inacceptable. It is both disrespectful towards our state and it is a violation of the democratic rights of our citizens in the Netherlands” and let the public opinion decide through democratic channels.

The announcement of Bahceli.

I was going to talk about using refugees as a bargaining chip against the European Union as well today. But I unfortunately  ran out of space.

But, I need to say that I highly approved of Bahceli’s words that appeared in Hurriyet: “It is really wrong to use people who came to Turkey as refugees as an arm against Europe. You cannot use people who were running away from guns as guns disguised intro diplomacy. It is not humane”

Source: Karar

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