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Turkish Opposition Meetings for ”No” Campaign Keep Getting Attacked by Mobs

Şeref Güçlü

Attack on Meral Akşener’s meeting

During a speech by Turkish nationalist opposition leader Meral Akşener, a group of 40-50 people raided the garden, and a fight between the two groups broke out.

Events broke out in Meral Akşener’s program, one of MHP’s dissident names, while she was speaking at the conference held in Kocaeli, reported by some of Turkey’s media including Cumhuriyet and Odatv.

The former Interior Minister Meral Akşener also attended the conference organized by Aydınlar Ocağı (Intellectuals Hearth) in Kocaeli Fairground.

During a speech by Meral Akşener, a group of 30 people came to the fairground and reacted, and wanted to lower the banner of “Meral Akşener’s NO morsel” which is hung in front of the restaurant. As the fairground was stirred up, tension happened between the interveners and the aggressive group. Police and interlocutors prevented the aggressive group from entering the area in which Meral Akşener was.

Meral Akşener reacted to the happenings, and tried to calm the events. “It is not true to bully with the children born by other moms. Send your own. Their children are in pursuit of work, all of your children are side by side with the AKP people for honeyed salary. They send these lones here. And turn them adrift when they arrested. I have begun to say what the dear President said, event broke out. Long live advanced democracy! You are, well, grandsons of Kara (Black) Fatma. Do it like that, what will happen then! On the night of April 16, all these courageous people, all these courageous women will say NO against all these tyrannies, all these the oppressions. They will say NO 80 million times.” she said.

A large number of reinforcements were sent to the area.

Akşener used the expressions in her statement made from her Twitter address: “We are with our country(wo)men from Kocaeli. Dear Prime Minister, Dear President, amiable Izmit people says NO. There are no terrorists here. There are no pro-FETO people here.”

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