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German foreign minister: Turkey has never been so far away from EU membership

“Turkey has never been so far away from the membership of the EU” said German Foreign Minister, reported Diken news website.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that President Tayyip Erdogan who continues bringing heavy charges against Germany and the Netherlands is looking for “a scapegoat” for the referendum.

Gabriel said that Erdogan benefited from the sense that German citizens of Turkish origin were not accepted in Germany, so Germany should avoid reacting to the provocations of Erdogan and his government officials. The German minister argued that an attitude in the opposite direction would benefit Erdogan’s search for “a scapegoat” for the referendum campaign.

Following the EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger, who said that it is not possible for Turkey to become a member of the EU in Erdogan’s power, the German minister also expressed a similar view: “Today, it has never been so far away from membership of the European Union.”

Gabriel also brought back the idea of ​​“privileged partnership” proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the past. Gabriel, who cited that he formerly was opposed to this proposal because “it may lead the Turks to feel themselves like second-class Europeans”, expressed that he is thinking anymore more different with the Britain’s “Brexit” decision.

“Today the situation is completely different because of Brexit. After she leaves the EU, we need to establish a ‘special relationship’ with Britain. This will be an important learning process for the EU; perhaps this would set a precedent for the other countries in the long run” said the German Foreign Minister.

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