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Switzerland rejects Turkey’s request of prosecution of ‘insulting Erdoğan’

The Swiss authorities reported that the related expressions were protected by freedom of expression in Switzerland. The spokesman of the Federal Office of Justice said that foreign prosecutors are helping to prosecute only if there is an act that is considered a criminal offence in Switzerland too.

“If a similar criticism about a government member was made in Switzerland in the context of a political debate, it would be tolerated as an expression of free thought,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman did not disclose the identity of the person for whom the prosecution was requested. It is known, however, that the incident is partly due to statements in social media.

Speaking of Turkey’s three similar requests, he said that they would be considered within their own circumstances. The Swiss government said that the meeting, which Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoğlu wants to make in Zurich last week, has no reason to be banned despite the appeal of local authorities. However, the meeting was later canceled because no suitable place was found.

According to official statistics of Switzerland, about 68,000 Turks live in the country. However, the website of the Turkish embassy stated that there are 130,000 Turks living in Switzerland. 25 percent of a total of 8.3 million people in Switzerland is made up of foreigners.

Osman Bilgin

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