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Main opposition party’s deputy Erdem: Turkey’s ruling party uses public funds to subsidize election campaign

Eren Erdem, Istanbul representative in Parliament, reacted harshly to the claim that AKP increased the discretionary fund by 65% to finance “YES” campaign.

The classified duty expenses which is merely in disposition of President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, has increased 27% in February in comparison to previous month and, 65% when compared to Feb, 2016 and reached to 282 Million 263 Thousand Turkish Lira. 

Money collected from whole country is used to name half of country as terrorist!

Eren Erdem stated that increase in the the discretionary fund became a government tradition before each election and underlined that YES campaign is funded with this money.

Erdem forwarded a written parliamentary question with demand of answer from Prime Ministe Binali Yildirim, reacted harshly about the increase: “ The discretionary fund increased by 62% when compared to the same period of last year and reached to 440 Million TL which exceeded the expenses of many organisations like Parliament, National Intelligence Agency and many ministries. People stating that if referendum would be succeeded, stronger parliament would come off , is already using the taxes to finance their campaign even by referendum period in defiance of constitution and parliament. Furthermore , during their campaign meeting financed by discretionary fund sourced with people’s taxes, they are accusing NO voters as TERRORISTs. This is the biggest insult to the country.

Are the ones, lecturing Germany Democracy lessons, aware that there is no discretionary fund in Germany?

He continued: “Do President and Prime Minister who are giving so called democracy lessons to Germany, Holland for days, know that there is no discretionary fund in the countries? Democracy and respect to national shall not only be revealed with statements.  You cannot be democrat by increasing discretionary fund by 65%, increasing labour cost 104 TL annually, and reflecting the loss of Osmangazi Bridge to the country. Increase in discretionary fund, is an indication what kind of budget they would prepare when presidency will be brought. We respect to Turkish People’s forethought and we don’t have any suspicion that our people would say “NO” these usurping the orphans’ rights.

Below questions was stated in the Parliament Question forwarded by Erdem:

To the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey

I am submitting below questions with demand of written answer from Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.

What is the reason of the exceptional increase by the discretionary fund?Is it correct that budget had a deficiency of 6.8 Billion TL in February?

Is overtaking of the discretionary fund determined by the taxes , to the parliament budget a reflection of your national will concept?

Is it a contradiction to accuse the people as terrorist while financing your campaign with the taxes collected from this people like the statement of NO voters is behind 15 June attempt?

Increasing the discretionary fund by 65% while labour cost is increased by 5% is a consequence of the statement of “we are here for the Turkish People”?

In case presidency system is brought, authority to use discretionary fund will be handed over to the president completely like the budget?


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