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Authorities Attempted to Place LGBTI Assoc Spox Arat In a Men’s Holding Cell

Reports claim that after taking Istanbul LGBTI Association Spokesperson Kıvılcım Arat into custody, authorities attempted to hold her in the men’s section of the detention center, according to Evrensel news site.

After meeting with her client, Kıvılcım Arat, who was apprehended at Istanbul Atatürk Airport and taken into custody, attorney Aylin Kırıkçı announced that authorities attempted to place Arat in the men’s section of the detention center, but after the ensuing argument, she was placed in her own cell.

According to Yıldız Tar’s story on Kaos GL, after being detained at Istanbul Atatürk Airport’s departures terminal, Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association Board Member and trans activist Kıvılcım Arat met with attorney Aylin Kırıkçı.

Detention Reason is Unknown

While speaking to KaosGL.org, Kırıkçı admitted to not knowing the contents of the file that called for Arat’s detention and also stated the following: “We do not yet know what documents the file contains, but after searching the criminal record database, we have discovered that she is required to provide testimony for a previous investigation, and this is the reason behind her detention. It is unclear which investigation she is supposed to provide a statement for, or why her statement is necessary. As her attorneys we tried reaching out to the prosecutor for the affidavit preparation process, but were unsuccessful.  Due to health problems our client was supposed to give a statement today but as we were unable to reach the prosecution, she was not able to provide testimony.


Kırıkçı indicated that Arat was being held at Atatürk Airport Security Headquarters, and that she would likely provide a statement to the prosecution early tomorrow morning. Kırıkçı also expressed that despite being a trans woman, Arat was almost placed in the men’s section of the detention center: “Although my client is a trans woman, they tried to place her among 20 men in the detention center. After Kıvılcım protested and argued back, she was not placed in the men’s section. Right now, she is being held separately on her own.

She Sent a Message from Detention

Arat sent a message through her attorney and emphasized solidarity: “In spite of the informants who are trying to infiltrate our spaces of solidarity, we will continue to fight, to support each other, to stand shoulder to shoulder…

 Oya Aktaş


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