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Turkish Ministry does not only destroy houses in Sur but also take fee from victims

The ministry of urban development and environment was accused of demanding “destruction fees” from residents of Sur whose houses were destroyed.

A local resident, Ayse Y, said “This is how fair the state’s justice is” and that the state asked to everyone whose house was taken away to pay “destruction fees.”

According to the Newspaper Sujin, when Ayse Y.  went to the office of the ministry of urban development and environment, she was told that she wouldn’t be given an indemnisation for her house. She shared her experience:

“I was staying in the the Fatihpasa neighborhood, my house was 500 m2 and I resisted for a 103 days during the clashes. When the clashes ended, I got out of my house, later when they started destroying the houses they didn’t let me go back in the neighborhood. When our house was destroyed, all of the things we owned were gone with the house as well. They proposed us 13 000 TL, we rejected so they directed us to TOKI. After a while we were obliged to sell the house to the state. However, as the state had not given us the money of the house we sold, I decided to go to the communications office. They told me that they weren’t going to give us the money, because they had spent 15 000 TL. Since they had given us only 13 000 for our house, there was no money left for us to take. When I heard this I started shouting and screaming and left in anger.”

“The state both destroyed our house and put us in debt. This is how fair the state’s justice is. They do all of this so that people don’t return to Turkey. They’re gonna start selling the houses they took away from us for higher prices to other people. They’re doing everything so Kurds don’t live there. When people will say Sur, from now on we will think of resistance. They are trying to erase our memories.”

Translated by Denizalp Goktas

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