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Prosecutor Seeks 10 Years of Imprisonment for Prof. Gozaydın

Dr. Istar Gozaydin, the former department chair of the Sociology Department of now closed Gediz University is being sued on charges of “membership of an armed terrorist organization.” Gediz University is among the universities that the government closed after the July 15th coup attempt.

The prosecutor listed the professor’s appearances at Can Erzincan TV and Samanyolu TV, and “continuing” to teach at the Gediz University “after FETO was deciphered as a terrorist organization following December 17-25.” as evidence.

The indictment, according to journalist Ismail Saymaz from Hurriyet Newspaper, includes the following statement made by Erkan Akkuş on Can Erzincan TV station:

“Let’s assume that there is such a terrorist organization. It is not recognized [as a terrorist organization] by the law. The Supreme Court did not accept it. There is no precise definition for [an organization like that]. But let’s assume that it is recognized as a that this terrorist organization even by the international community. [And let’s assume that] despite this, we are sympathetic to this group and doing tv programs to support them. Even under those conditions the Article 30 of the Constitution does not grant them the authority to confiscate the television station.”

The indictment, referring to this part of the conversation on the TV program, claims that Professor Gozaydin was supporting an armed terrorist organization by agreeing with Mr. Akkus.

The indictment also accused Ms. Gozaydin of having a Bank Asya account and being registered for insurance under the Gediz University plan. The bank account was used to deposit her salary from the university.

Claiming that Professor Gozaydin accepted the offers from Samanyolu and Can Erzincan TV and the Gediz University because of ‘high wage’ the indictment adds: “Professor Gozaydin is an internationally recognized name in her field. The terror organization, by using her name tried to legitimize itself and to gather sympathy in the general public.”


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