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Kurdish singer Aynur receives the Master of Mediterranean Music Award in March

Kurdish singer Aynur Dogan is to be honored with the Master of Mediterranean Music Award on Thursday by the Berklee College of Music in Boston in the USA, the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world.

“At its annual spring concert, on March 16, the Mediterranean Music Institute (MMI) will honor Kurdish musician Aynur with this year’s Master of Mediterranean Music Award and, at the same time, launch its Women in Action initiative, which seeks to raise awareness of female artists and to promote gender equality in the Mediterranean music scene.” announced by the MMI.

It is also, “Aynur, a vocalist from a Kurdish-influenced region in southeastern Turkey who was raised in Istanbul, grew up with the myths and poetry of the Alevites, a religious minority in which music plays an important role in passing along faith and tradition. Her music is based on these folk songs, many of them hundreds of years old, and focuses on the life and suffering of Kurdish people, and especially Kurdish women” the website noted.

“By recognizing great talents such as Aynur, who has overcome many difficulties in her career and has persevered in her quest, we try to set an example of a new generation of women musicians,” said Javier Limón, the artistic director of the Mediterranean Music Institute.

It is claimed that the Turkish court banned one of her songs, it is named Keça Kurdan (the daughter of Kurds), in 2005 on the grounds it incited Kurdish women to fight in the mountains, thus serving “terrorist propaganda.” Moreover, Keça Kurdan was central to another failed case in 2009 against a radio station which the Turkish prosecutor sued for allegedly “creating enmity among the public.”

Melike Gül Demir

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