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Investigations launched into Kemalist Military officials for coup claims: Ret Army Judge

According to OdaTV, an ultra-nationalist leaning news website of Turkey, there are administrative and judicial investigations launched into the claims that “Kemalist military officials preparing for a coup.”

Retired Military Judge Ahmet Zeki Ucok, who himself was a victim of a Sledgehammer coup trials, which were turned out to be based on fabricated evidence and believed to be engineered by Gulenists, told OdaTV that Turkish General Chief of Staff headquarters launched a probe following some of pro-AKP columnists’ writings. According to same source, the probe was ordered by General Chief of Staff Orgeneral Hulusi Akar, news report follows: “Ucok said he will be also summoned to testify as witness for the probe. Ucok also said he expects others who wrote on the subject to be invited to speak as witnesses for the case. Zeki Ucok told OdaTV: “There is both an administrative and judicial probe. Administrative probe is being carried out by a delegation from Land Forces Staff Quarters. Judicial investigation is being conducted by General Chief of Staff prosecutor.”

Earlier claims by Alci and Kucuk:

Nagehan Alci who is a columnist at pro-AKP Milliyet wrote on February 28th: “On February 22nd the headscarf ban in Turkish Military was lifted. Right after that, there was a “movement” among so-called leftist Kemalist coup minded officers in the Army. There was nothing in Ankara and Istanbul but in Izmir and those barracks in Westward of the country, there were movements within the Military. Some of agencies of the Turkish State were on high alert against these movements. The news story on Hurriyet (headlined as “the Headquarters are unhappy”) came right at this moment, on February 25th.”

Cem Kucuk, who is also known as one of AKP government’s spokespeople on the media wrote “those who wanted to lead rebellion which is the 9 or 10 percent of Kemalists…” to support Alci’s remarks. Finally Lutfu Oflaz from Star newspaper wrote in today’s column “Kemalists are in an ambush to protect and support the Kemalist tutelage, Kemalist regime as of now.”

It’s now learned that the Turkish Army began probing on these kinds of writings and statements.

Source: Odatv

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