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Decision to confiscate Newroz banners!

A recall decision is made for leaflets and banners that are about Newroz celebrations which are hanged to several places of Urfa by provincial organization of HDP.

According to report of Doğan News Agency (DHA), Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office of Urfa has started an investigaton about banners which  are about Newroz celebrations at 21 of March that are hanged to billboards at several places around City of Urfa by organization committee of HDP.

In terms of investigation, banners which are written in Turkish as ‘Newroz kutlu olsun’ and written in Kurdish as ‘Newroz pîroz be’ are reported as: “A prohibition and recall for leaflets and banners was decided by 2nd Peace Court of Criminal Jurisdiction, after reaching the conclusion that are constituted as a propaganda of terrorist organization, with the characteristics as representing the colors of terrorist organization of PKK, the inscriptions that are found in banners have some contents like statements that are used by terrorist organizations PKK/KCK to their sympathisers and also these inscriptions are as invitations for acceptence of adopting by society and for put into practice of ideas and opinions of terrorist organisations”

After the Court decision, banners of Newroz are removed by ripping or covered by officials.


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