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Erdogan’s Media: Germany is getting uglier… Germany is putting its ‘dirtiest’ card to the table!

Turkish pro-AKP media has been fuming at European countries including Germany, Netherlands and others. Headlines are getting more insulting everyday. Following is the story published by YeniAkit, Erdogan’s most ardent Islamist supporter paper:

The escalating ‘meeting’ dispute between Germany and Turkey has opened the debate on the dual citizenship again. Some politicians in Germany, including Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Günter Krings, want the dual citizenship to be terminated.

According to Deutsche Welle Turkish, the tension between Ankara and Berlin rekindled the debate on dual citizenship.

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member and Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry Günter Krings said in a statement to the Rheinische Post that the regulation had not contributed to the harmonization and that a change in the legislation had to be made.

Krings emphasized that dual citizenship may be in very special circumstances, but it can not be made into a general regulation by law.


Andreas Scheuer, Secretary General of the Christian Social Union (CSU) which is the small partner of the coalition, also argued that the previously tried “option modeling” should be returned. “If a child who has foreign parents wants German citizenship, he must first show us that he is bound by our values and principles,” Scheuer said. Scheuer also stated that the person who is ready for this does not need dual citizenship. Scheuer added that harmonizating comes first for CSU and then the citizenship by saying “If you want to get involved in the internal politics of your country, do it in that country, not in Germany”.


According to the option model that ended in 2014 by Christian Union – Social Democrats coalition, when immigrant children born in Germany reach the age of 23, they have to choose between the citizens of Germany or the country where their families come from.
Tanslated by Osman Bilgin

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