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Teenager Ayse Yelis: Worker in Summer, scorer in Winter

Life of High School Student  Ayse Yelis,  living in City of Siirt, is a big example of a woman who needs to overcome many  difficulties to become a football player.

Turan Koyuncu and Mehmet Yucel Durak wrote about her story on Evrensel.net, translated by WHatti:

10th Class member of Siirt Vocational Technical High School, age of 17, Ayse Yelis is quiet famous for the goals scored on behalf of her team Siirt Women’s Football team however on the other hand, she is also taking care of her disabled brother and works as seasonal worker during summer time. Biggest dream of Ayse Yelis is to play for National Women’s Football team.

8 Goals in 20 games

Striker of Siirt Women’s Football team  which is 2nd position of 3rd League, 8th Group of Turkish Footbal Federation, Ayse Yelis is not only successful at school but also on green pitches. She scored 20 goals in 8 games and living with 6 siblings, mother and father. Her father is unemployed and she is spending rest of her time beside school, games and trainings , with her family.

“For a better life..”

Ayse Yelis summarizes her life and express her dreams :

“Even tough I am not happy with my life, I am making great efforts to grab the life I want. My father is uneployed. 2 of my brothers working and they take care of the family. I am going to school and playing professional football. With the money I earn from football, I support my disabled brother. I spend all my free time with my brother and my family. This is all very difficult for a young girl in Siirt however I try to overcome all these difficulties. My biggest aim is to play for Turkish National Woman’s Football team. I work hard for this dream. I train hard everyday by dreaming this target and try to perform better everytime.

We need to provide support

Mehmet KAdri Erzen, Principle of Siirt Vocational Technical High School and Gym teacher, is underlining that Ayse Yelis gained a success which must be praised : “Ayse is one of the most succesfull students in our scool. She is very successful in lessons and academically and we support her to the possible extent. There are other girls like Ayse. Ayse is capable of many things. Particularly, her big support to her disabled brother is a very good example to other students. We need to support girls like Ayse. I believe she would be very successful in the coming years. “

Seasonal Worker during Summer Period

Siirt Woman’s Football team manager Zeki Eren also mentioned about Ayse who scored 20 goals in 8 games : “I discovered Ause while she were playing football with her friends on streets and called her to the team and she joined our team with pleasue. She is successful at football as much as school. She scored 20 goals in 8 games. We have games during summer period however she is not with us during summer period as she is travelling to Cukurova or Black Sea region to work as seasonal worker and collecting hazelnut or cotton. We arrange her to join the team during this period. Our biggest aim is to make her way to the national team.

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