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Pro-AKP Columnist argues for pre-emptive attack against Western Countries

One of leading pro-AKP newspapers, Star’s columnist Yakup Kose argued on Monday’s column for pre-emptive attacks against the West, while discussing current stand-off between Turkey and EU countries. Kose wrote:

Why Europe did explicitly choose sides about the referendum in Turkey by trampling the so-called “international values” which they sold to the world?

Why do they restrict the freedom of thought and expression of those who want to say “yes” to referendum for system change in Turkey?

What motivates them to make the moves which might cause the war?

When we look the origins of the case, the following questions come across:

About 100 years ago, why did they took away our values, starting from our alphabet and language to our dressing style and measures, and replaced it with degenerated values ​​of the West?

Why chanting “Allah” was forbade in the Anatolia, the homeland of the leaders of Islam?

The answers of these questions are the reasons behind the West’s panic of eating their own idols.

The Anatolian soul, which they trapped in the 783 thousand square kilometers by saying “peace in the homeland, peace in the world”(Translators note: This saying is belongs to Ataturk, the founder of Turkish Republic) unchains now. For the first time in the past hundred years, the Turkish state and the nation have shown the willingness to break the chains of the West. This is the one that scares the West, frightens it.

The West by using the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization, the PKK and other well-known internal elements tried to break that will, fortunately they did not succeed. The western rebellion is now making its final moves after failing at the Gezi protests, the Kurdish unrest in the east of Turkey and the last July 15th coup attempt as result of Anatolian people’s resistance.

One can see they are in a huge panic, they do not allow Turkey Republic’s senior managers into their countries which can be an excuse of war. With this panic, they might try to complete the occupation, which they could not manage by using internal elements, in person.

I wrote it last year. There’s no point in waiting for the enemy. Let us introduce them, the ones who tries to put our homeland on fire, with fire in their houses. At the very least, we need to establish the idea of “we will come to you first, if you try to come to us, in the minds of our people and Westerners. There are a variety of ways, the ones who govern us know these roads!..

The world is pregnant with a revolution. Material and spiritual tremors are signs of great news. We must live in consciousness and preparedness to do what is necessary in the place where we need to live without fear, panic, and surprise.

On the verge of freedom or Slavery, with the prayer of being able to reach mercy of God as reached on July 15th (during coup attempt.)



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