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German Finance Minister: Collaboration with Turkey is difficult while Die Welt reporter in jail

Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble have made important comments after recent diplomatic crises.

He attended a tv program on ZDF, and there he was asked, “After recent problems, how will be possible to have collaboration with Turkey?” He said that they had a intense talk earlier with Turkey on economic collaboration but this happened before the arrest of Deniz Yücel, who is Turkey reporter of Die Welt newspaper.


Shauble will have a meeting with Turkey’s Finance Minister Nihat Zeybekçi ın upcoming days in Baden-Württemberg state. “At the meeting, I will tell him that continuing the collaboraton will be so hard under this conditions” he said.

Recently, Turkey had problems about meetings in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark. Shauble noted that these problems are not good for Turkey’s benefits and added, “Turkey needs collaboration, just as we and Europe need. If they don’t want it, there won’t be any collaboration. We can’t allow this. However, we don’t want to increase the tension. Government has consensus on that. We only ask from Turkey to be back on common sense.”

He was asked, “Do I understand it correctly, you say that there won’t be economic collaboration, if Yücel be kept in prison?” and he replied, “We don’t want to interfere the jurisdiction but right now, authorities in Turkey are damaging the fundamentals of enhancing the collaboration.”


Turkey, as a candidate country for European Union, is taking different amounts of funds in every year.

Between 2014-2020, nearly 4.5 billion euros (18 billion TL)  fund transfer was being planned.


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