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30-year prison sentence for mayors

Diba Keskin and Abdurrahman Çağan, co-presidents of a municipality in Turkey’s eastern province of Van, were sentenced to 27 years and 6 months in prison on the grounds that they participated in the declaration of “self-government”, according to artıgerçek.

The trial ended for 38 politicians, as well as Keskin and Çağan, co-presidents of Erciş Municipality, with the court deciding that all participated in the declaration of “self-government” on October 12, 2015.

While the politicians, who were tried without detention, were not present at the hearing in Erciş Assize Court, some of the detainees were connected through video and audio conferencing remotely from prisons. The attorneys who spoke at the hearing demanded acquittal.

The court went on to sentence Çağan, who was released due to health problems in the previous session, and Keskin to 13 years and 9 months imprisonment on charges of “becoming a member of the terror organization,” “making propaganda for a terrorist organization” and “public incitement to commit a crime.” The court ordered 13 politicians to be acquitted, while 24 others were sentenced between one and five years in prison.

Editor: Leyla Amur

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