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”They are either cannot write indictments, or they wait for a signal”

Safak Pavey, a CHP member of parliament, shared with the public messages from the imprisoned Cumhuriyet journalists.

Here are the messages of the imprisoned journalists:

Murat Sabuncu: We entered here at the end of fall. Right now, winter is ending and spring is coming. Spring probably brought with it flowers on the mountains of my homeland. The idea of seeing the flowers of our country again keeps us happy here. Nature coming back to life in spring is a pure miracle. We witnessed a miracle here too. The other day, a plant came out through the cracks in the concrete. This shows how life can blossom anywhere! Throughout history, thoughts, ideas and liberties always broke the concrete walls that tried to contain them and found their place in the world. Just like the plant that broke through the concrete to find daylight.

Akin Atalay: The government pardoned mafia leaders in order to put more newspapers’ directors in jail. They emptied jails to make more space for us. If you ask them they will tell you “We didn’t pardon them, we just made changes to the prosecution system.” They pardoned the cronies, the thieves and the charlatans. Only terrorists and free thinking people who believe in justice, who are purposefully associated with terrorists, are in jail.

Kadri Gursel: The unjustified jailing of Cumhuriyet’s executives and writers is eroding Turkey’s reputation on the international scene more and more each day. If the respect of the country and the reputation of Turkey is important to responsables of this country, they should give the appropriate orders to end this injustice. For instance, why is it not possible for the Constitutional court to judge our case and decide that we are innocent? Or why is it not possible for the court to drop the charges against us since the prosecutor has still not been able to come with evidence against us? We got arrested as a result of a political operation. We can also see that the political costs of keeping us imprisoned are increasing day by day, just as we are heading towards a referendum. We hope that the responsables of this country will correct their mistake by taking the necessary political steps to restore our country’s reputation, which we are sure they care about.

Guray Oz: I think they cannot come up with a case against us or they did come up with a case and they are waiting for a signal to trigger the process. However, let it be known that when a case is made against us, it will be proven to the world that we were innocent. Just an advice to the governing party: Before you comment on events in other countries, try to see the problems in your own country because the situation in Turkey is not how they tell everyone. Us being here right now is a proof of that.

Mustafa Kemal Gungor: I would like to thank Emre Kongar. I learned about the desperation in his writings during our time here. This effort should be a collective effort made by all democratic forces. I wish a happy women’s day to all women. If we can walk together with women, we will change a lot in Turkey. We are healthy, in a good mood and we are waiting for our days here to be over.

Hakim Kara: We want to accomplish our duties as citizens and vote “no” in this referendum. If we also get to see the case made against us and get a chance to get judged during that time, we would also be really happy.

Onder Celik: We are really thankful for the support messages we have received in these hard days.

Bulent Utku: They killed a woman who said “I am here, I will keep existing” and who proclaimed that she would stand against all injustices in January 1919. Her name was Rosa Luxembourg. Yet, the resistance of women is going on and getting stronger everyday. In all fields in which women are involved, things are getting better. I wish a happy 8th of March to all Women.

Ahmet Şık: Our emancipation and the emancipation of our country will be given by women.

Translation by Denizalp Göktaş


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