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Mob attacks Women’s Day celebration on university campus in Istanbul

A group of men breached security on Istanbul’s Bilgi University to attack a group of students who were celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8.

A group of 15-20 men scaled the gate of Bilgi’s central Istanbul campus to attack a student gathering while chanting “Allahu Akbar.” Some members of the mob were allegedly carrying knives, stones, and sticks. A few students sustained light injuries before the crowd was dispersed.


Deniz Uysal, a student at Bilgi University, said, “Women were dancing and singing songs for Women’s Day. Then, a group jumped over the turnstiles outside the school and came running toward us. The group started kicking the women and pulling their hair.”

According to statement made later by university officials, “The authorities were immediately notified of the incident, and six of the attackers who trespassed onto our campus were caught and handed over to security forces.”

The statement went on to add that footage from video cameras on campus, witness statements, and other pertinent evidence have all been handed over to authorities. The university further confirmed that they have begun the process of taking legal action and initiated an internal process for any Bilgi students who may have been among the attackers.

Leyla Amur Magdalena

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