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Pro-AKP Media Boasts: Turkey cut water, Kobani & Manbij left without electricity

Turkey cuts PKK / PYD’s water 

Turkey’s pro-AKP media has been boasting the fact that Turkey has cut water and places like Kobani and Manbij which is held by “terrorist PKK/PYD” left without electricity.

News report follows:

Kobani and Menbic, invaded by the PKK / PYD terrorists, were left without electricity, as Turkey cut off water left over Syria to the Euphrates.

Ewwas Eli, a PKK / PYD terrorist who spoke to Russian site Sputnik, said: “Most of the electricity with Kobani and Menbic is covered by the Teşrin Dam. The dam is working on water. The water of dam is coming from Turkey. There is an international agreement on the water. The water from the Atatürk Dam goes first to Syria and then to Iraq. Iraq and Syria have the right on the water. After clutter arose in Syria, Turkey started not to recognize this law. Due to this lawlessness Turkey keeps the Euphrates water for 1 month. Turkey holds water and then leaves it suddenly. Our dam is small. It can not take the water left suddenly. We are obliged to open the dam. Turkey closes and drains water two or three times like this.

We have electrical problems in Kobani, Menbic and Sırrin due to water cuts. We have maximum 2 hours a day. We can run the water in the dam with the current water for only 2 or 3 hours. We are now having problems even in drinking water.”

Translated by Veysel Karacabeyli

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