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Erdogan’s foreign policy adviser: Is Germany disappointed with the failure of the coup attempt?

Star columnist, also the foreign policy adviser to the President Erdogan, Ms. Saadet Oruc joined the discussions with regards to Turkey-Germany tension and penned this column on Star Newspaper today in which she insinuated Germany supported the coup against Erdogan. The full translation of the column below, made possible by Washington Hatti staff:


Where does Germany stand on 15th July?

Let’s have a frank talk. The policy that Germany is following towards Turkey since 15th July does not befit into a classification of what an ally country does. Germany has a different agenda.

Germany is trying punish Turkey for something else. It seems to draw a line and keeps the door wide open to those on one side of it. Military personnel, diplomats, prosecutors and journalists. On the other hand, it keeps putting barriers for those on the other side: general public, MPs, Ministers or even a step further to the President. While Germany takes those associated with the coup attempt under its wings, it treats those against the coup attempt as if they were criminals. Germany exhibits such an approach so deliberately that one wonders if it is burning its bridges. In essence, Germany with such an explicit favoritism for those coupists seems to be on the same side of the line as they are. This is what it looks like. Well, where does Germany which keeps prohibiting those against the coup attempt stand on 15th July coup attempt?

Is Germany disappointed with the failure of the coup attempt? If the answer is “NO”, why would supporting the coup attempt become a prerequisite to get Germany’s support?

Germany needs to answer the above-mentioned two and very simple questions. What we observe with Germany is not only true for Germany but also for other European Union countries, especially Austria and Holland. Are they trying to take revenge against Turkey for the failure of the 15th July coup attempt?  

Prior to the constitutional referendum on 16th April, we have been witnessing the news of banning one after another from European countries. The town hall meeting planned with the participation of Turkish ministers are being banned one by one. In the decision making of such bans, the governments are directing it to the local municipalities. However, the local officials reflect their surprisement with such news from their governments since they do not have any knowledge of it. I have a feeling that this decision is taken unanimously by European Union countries and Germany is taking the lead as of now, to be followed by Holland and Austria. I have no evidence for it but when one connects the existing dots, such a conclusion can be inferred to explain what is happening.

Yes, let me repeat it. First Germany and then European Union need to release a clear statement immediately. The question is very simple: “Which side of the line regarding 15th July are you on, European Countries?”

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