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AKP Deputy Bağlı: “Turkey should confiscate German foundations in Turkey as soon as possible”

Turkey’s AKP media has been lashing out at Germany and German politicians along with AKP officials who leveled the most explosives insults against Germany.

Following the news story published by pro-Erdogan Islamist Paper Akit gives you a sample of coverage by AKP media in Turkey. Title of the piece addressing Germany: Know Your Place!

”Germany’s decisions to ban the Turkish ministers led to a great reaction.

Germany previously blocked Turkish President Erdogan’s video conference in Germany and now they banned Turkish ministers from addressing in their community in Germany. German authorities’ ban on meetings by two Turkish ministers increased tension between the two countries.  

Some Turkish political analysts criticized the ban and they accused of Germany cooperating with terrorists. “While Germany allowed CHP and HDP (political extension of the PKK terrorist organization) to rally in Germany for upcoming referendum, German authorities did not allow Turkish ministers to meet Turkish community. This ban shows that Germany’s two-faced attitude”. Said the Turkish political analysts.  

AKP deputy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Bağlı also pointed out the Germans’ cooperation with FETO terrorist organization and he said “Turkey should confiscate German foundations in Turkey as soon as possible. Germany’s ban on the meetings is not acceptable”    

According to the president of Turkey European Education and Scientific Research Foundation (TAVAK)  Prof. Dr. Faruk Şen this ban was an act of German deep state.  “Nowadays there is more news about Erdogan and Turkey than the upcoming German election in the German media. So this shows the involvement of German deep state on the ban. Germany is being unfair to Turkish immigrants in the country by not allowing the Turkish ministers to meet Turkish community” said Şen.

AK Party İstanbul deputy Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı said “ Germany was never a friend of Turkey and now we can see their real face. They continuously support terrorist organizations such as PKK, FETO and DHKP-C.”
Prepared by Mustafa Öz, Austin TX

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