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Germans ban Turkish Ministers not to partner Turkish Regime Crimes

Following column written by Veysel Sarısözen on ”Özgürlükçü Demokrasi” and translated by WashingtonHattı’s Matt Ea Eastson

Follow the “yes” heard, stuck to “court” fence

Things that are not in the history of the Republic of Turkey have started to happen.

The German State has kind of expelled the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, with a hidden message of: “You cannot come here to promote death penalty”. The issue is not “death”, of course. “Constitution”. Germans know the best when it comes to constitution. They think that with this amendment of the Constitution, will bring a “regime” that finds expression in the slogans of “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” in their history. The German people, who had once committed such a “regime crime,” do not want to be “partnered” with the same crime in another country this time. As such, it does not allow the ministers of the Turkish state to grant propaganda for such a regime on German territory.

We call the “ministers”, in fact the prohibition put on these ministers is a prohibition put on the Turkish President who “tests the water” to make rallies on the German territory again and again. The “Big Brother” can no longer go to Germany.

This is a great “belittlement” in the history of the Republic of Turkey, which we don’t even see in “military battles”. So “humiliation”. Such “insults”.

I’m not saying that “If I was a Turkish nationalist and couldn’t do anything I would have but the barrel in my mouth.” No need to induce them to suicide. But I surely invite them to think deep. Do you really accept the “derogation” you’re thrown in?

If you are, “the worst has yet to come” Your call. Just for you to know; not just being a “Kurdish patriot” hard, your situation sucks too:

“UN Human Rights Council official Magazin said,” Turkey committed a crime against humanity. “

Every sane human being reading this single sentence, will say “that ship sank long ago” for the current regime. For a state, another grave “international sentence” cannot be established as much as this sentence. The end of this is “the court.”

In other words, the Minister of Justice Bozdag will have to say “what the hack” tomorrow to the “belittlements” of today. Because when the United Nations says that “crimes against humanity has been committed “, the end of this is to “be caught” right when you step outside your borders. If Bozdağ can walk through from Germany where he is “prohibited”, tomorrow when the “crime against humanity” is proven he will find himself at “international criminal court”.

Because “what goes around comes around.”

And this time Erdoğan’s so called “The states that are being a smart-ass because they can’t handle us building the biggest airport.” has not just found “solid documents” but also has thousands of “first hand witnesses.”

Hey! Turkish nationalists, now hundreds of generals and officers of the “Kemalist army” are “political asylum” in Germany, Greece and other European countries and America. This is an uncommon situation in Turkish history. Now each of these officers will be the most convincing “witness” for judges of that court in the “International Court” to be established tomorrow.

“Yes” adventure will lead Turkey step by step to the “court”.

On the day we say “no”, Turkey will be able to make its own “settlement” in itself, on the basis of justice, law and virtue. In our “Democracy problem”, “Kurdish problem”, “Alevi problem”, “Armenian problem” and “Ezidi problem” will be solved within ourselves.

Now think: This is a country that its army has been devastated. We learn from Sözcü News writer Saygı Öztürk that even this abasement has reached a shameful degree in the time of El Bab. It is said that it has become a country that can’t afford a handful of its soldiers and can’t provide a place for minimum comfort. And this country’s “corner keepers” are saying “there are thousands of Talat Aydemir in the army, they will all be arrested”.

And just at this moment, “I crushed dollar under my feet,” he swells up at the palace, while dollar rises and the economic crisis is deepening.

We are making a “referendum” on a country that İts leader can’t cross borders of its NATO “allies”, accused of “committing crimes against humanity” by United Nations, its army is a wreck and economy sinking.

Will the Turkish nationalists say yes to this?  


Translated by Matt Ea Eatson

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