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Women: You will not supress our No voice against Precidency by prohibiting our March 8 rally

Izmir governorate has banned ‘March 8 rally’ that  is scheduled to hold on 5 March on Gündoğdu square due to the reason of emergency state. Izmir’s  Woman Platform has reacted to ban, “You will not be able to suppress our voice, they are on the ‘No’ side of Presidency referendum, by prohibiting our rallies due to the emergency state.” said.

Izmir the March 8th Platform’s rally has been banned by Izmir governorate. ‘We have been resisting to our right  to life, freedom, body and labor against the darkness ‘ themed rally planned to hold on March 5 on Gündoğdu square but Izmir governor banned rally on the grounds that March 8 rally will be hold on March 5 not 8 and emergency state.

In the statement of governorship, “As it is determined that the information obtained from the İzmir Police Headquarters, due to the reasons that rally may cause events that would seriously disrupt public order, general health or the rights and freedoms of others and it is also important that the march and open-air meeting to be held in order to prevent possible unintended or unforeseen events and also it will takes place on March 5 instead of  March 8, our governorship didn’t allow it.”

March 8 cannot be blocked

Woman Platform reacted the ban with the #8MartEngellenemez (March 8 can’t blocked) hashtag on Friday. Izmir’s Woman Platform has announced, “We never accept the ban. We cannot suppress the ‘No’ voice of women by forbidding our rallies by citing emergence state. We will never leave the squares.”

Abidin Mutlu

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