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Pro-Palace Columnist predicts another military intervention bound to happen in Turkey

Rasim Ozan Kutahyali, a columnist who is closely aligned with President Erdogan’s Palace penned an opinion piece in which he predicted some of Turkish Army officers got madder due to lifting the ban on headscarf in the Army and wants to prepare another coup. What is more, Kutahyali predicts some type of military intervention is “impossible to stop something that is bound to happen” in Friday column on Sabah Daily translated by Denizalp Goktas, WHatti:


Final and hopeless attempt

The 15th of July coup was mostly orchestrated by the Gulenists, but it can’t be denied that the regular putschists also played an important role in this big betrayal.

In order to unite our nation, the spotlights were put on the Gulenists, the other actors were ignored and the rest of the affair was covered up.

This was in essence a good policy because if other actors that played a role in the coup were brought into light, our society could’ve gotten polarized once again.

The people were disgusted by the Gulenists after the 15th of July coup attempt. The one thing that we could agree as a nation was that Gulenists were dangerous. So, the state wanted to strengthen our unity by bringing forward the Gulenists.

People that are secular and leftists, even generals, were at the time encouraged to speak about the 15th of July and the Gulenists. This situation was no more related to the government but rather to our nation. As a result, the opposition was strengthened and was given plenty of opportunities.

Although it wasn’t true, it was announced that people from all walks of life got out in the streets and resisted against the tanks. There was a concerted effort to form a common democratic spirit and reinforce national unity.

Yet, in reality it was the religious conservatives and also the religious nationalists who were out in the streets sacrificing their lives to defend our nation. It was clear who were the ones who believed in becoming martyrs and showed the courage to resist.

Despite the goodwill of the state, the old putschists found their old habits once again and started targeting the majority of our country. Although I hate to say it, it is clear that the old putschists feel empowered once again…

They have gotten so mad that they claimed that the leader who eradicated the Gulenists, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was going to go to jail for being an accomplice of the Gulenists.

At the end, the goodwill politics have not worked. The ones who participated in the betrayal of the 15th of June, have now teamed up with the Gulenists for the referendum on the 16th of April. All this because they couldn’t get over their hatred for Islam and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The lifting of the ban on the hijab in the army has made these old putschist even madder and they have been trying to take military actions. Just because he participated in the friday prayer and he was a loyal subject of democracy, they have started targeting the commander of the armed forces, Hulusi Akar. So, is it possible for them to attempt a coup like the 1963 coup? With the data that is in our hands it is not possible to say no.

Yes, they obviously cannot takeover the government and they can’t be successful but they can act one more time in their desperateness. It is impossible for them to beat the people. On the contrary, majority of this nation would bulldoze on this segment and they would be worse than FETO’s current desperation.

Hopefully we won’t live such atrocities again but it is impossible to stop something that is bound to happen though I feel sorry to think what would happen…

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