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President Erdogan on German Rally Controversy; They Need to be Put on Trial

Speaking at an awards ceremony for the Turkish Green Crescent Society in Cemal Resit Ray Concert Hall, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said ” Wars are not only fought on the battlefields. The real war is fought on the spiritual and societal fronts because it is the actual field that will disintegrate and destroy a state. [The real battleground is] the spirituality, the civilization and the culture of a country.”

Regarding the cancellation of public addresses by ministers in Germany, Erdogan said: “Pay attention; they’re claiming that [the cancellation] is retaliation for the arrest of a Die Welt journalist. It is not. That person was harbored at the German Consulate for a whole month despite being a PKK representative and a German spy. The consulate refused to hand him over in contempt of the judges orders for an entire month. When Chancellor Merkel told me that, I said ‘When we ask for the extradition of terrorists, you claim the judiciary in Germany is independent and that you cannot do anything about it. We trust in the independence and impartiality of our courts. Extradite him.’ At first, they refused to [extradite him], later somehow they did, and the courts decided to incarcerate him. Now hundreds, thousands of rogue criminals are terrorizing Germany. “

The President added, ” Can you imagine, our Minister of Justice, our Minister of Education who were there for official meetings wanted to explain our campaign to the Turkish citizens living there, and were not allowed to give speeches. Their excuse is ‘[the location] does not have enough space for parking.’ I wanted to do a video conference at a political rally, and the Constitutional Court -within two hours- blocked it in a never before seen fashion. But they have no issues connecting Cemil Bayik [for a video conference] from Kandil. Cemal Bayik is allowed to make a speech there. They (Germany courts that banned the rally) need to be put on trial for helping and abetting terrorist organizations. It is as simple as that.”

About the Venice Commission Report Erdogan said, “Turkey is not an ordinary country. Now they’re talking about a Venice Commission Report.  Do you know what this commission is? It is just a technical committee of the European Council. [The report is] just to brief [the Council]. It is non-essential. They can publish as many reports as they want. We don’t recognize them. We will not recognize them.”

The President told the listeners, ” This is not the old Turkey anymore. This Turkey is [proudly] standing on her feet. Now they’re campaigning… ‘credit rating agencies lowered Turkey’s score.’ Try your best. You’re not going to win.”

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