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Kuzu: Germany sees Turkey as a rival in the region; the construction of the third airport made them crazy

AKP İstanbul deputy Burhan Kuzu commented about the Ankara-Berlin crisis that began after Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ and Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi are not permitted to have rallies in Germany.

Kuzu claims that Germany sees Turkey as a rival and added: “They only think how to prevent this. That’s the whole point. After the third airport was built they got crazy. Because Frankfurt Airport is about to close. These are problems for Germany. That’s the point.”

Talking to Yurdagül Şimşek from Sputnik, Kuzu continued: “There are two central parties right now, Center-left Social Democrats and Center-right Christian Democrats. And there is the Alternative Party in Germany. It is a fascist party. But as in all of Europe, extreme rhetoric develops in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and also Germany. Racism, ethnic groups similar nationalist movements develop on the local level. They can also take vote from their citizens. In this point, center parties also act the way extreme parties do to receive votes instead of fighting with ideas. They think they can gather vote by being anti-Turkish. This, of course, is the end of Europe. That’s how I interpret it. Constitutional vote is not their real problem. They do not care about it at all if this is not their real problem. ”

“The federal government is no different”

Kuzu evaluated the statement made by the German Foreign Ministry that “decision to withdraw Bozdağ’s permission to speak at the event is not connected to the federal government” with the words “it is not different in Federal Germany, it is not just a provincial issue”.

“They have rancour”

He also stated that the future of Turkey-Germany relations is also dependent on the elections in this country. “But it does not look like it’s going to get better. The more pointed types are leading in Germany or France, in Europe. In the end, it means it can be the beginning of a new Hundred Years’ War. Micro-nationalism is growing terribly and that’s the biggest problem. It is the same in Austria. The same logic exists there, too. Of course they also have a rancour from Vienna (siege of Vienna by Ottomans in 16th and 17th centuries). They do not forget. Sometimes these things in the history can reappear” he said.

Osman Bilgin

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