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Why don’t Prosecutors prepare indictments for hundreds of journalists?

Utku Çakırözer, an MP for the CHP, Turkey’s main opposition party, presented a formal written parliamentary question about prosecutors who have not prepared indictments in the cases of many journalists and writers who have been imprisoned for months. Çakırözer’s formal question brought the issue of these lengthy imprisonments without charges to the parliamentary agenda.

In his parliamentary question, Cakirözer made note of the lengthy imprisonments without charges faced by many prominent journalists: “Şahin Alpay, 215 days; Kadri Gursel, 117 days; Ali Bulaç, 215 days; Ahmet Altan, 156 days; Turhan Gunay, 117 days; Nazlı Ilıcak, 214 days; Ahmet Şık, 61 days; Musa Kart, 117 days.”

Çakırözer also asked how many journalists and writers have been arrested by the judges of the Criminal Court of Peace since July 15, 2016, and how many have been released. He also asked whether any action has been taken against the prosecutors cited in the complaint, who, he said, have not carried out their investigations in a timely manner or in accordance with the due process of law, thereby impinging on the rights of the accused and turning the delays in the filing of charges themselves into a form of punishment for the thoughts and writings of the imprisoned writers and journalists.

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