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Pictures reveal Destruction after Nusaybin curfew lifted

Office of the Governor of Mardin announced that the curfew, which was declared in Kurukoy (Xerabê Bava) village on February 11, has been lifted after 19 days.

Many barns and animals were destroyed in the fires and houses were riddled with bullets, many of which are still lying on the street.

After the announcement, the human rights activists and the HDP deputy arrived to the village and shared photos on their social media accounts. The photos show the violence perpetrated in the villages.


Mehmet Ali Aslan, an HDP PM, said that 7-8 houses burned down, dozens of animals were poisoned during the siege. Also, the young women in village, who were between 13-14 years old, were forced to cook for the soldiers. The villagers still hesitate to talk about their situation as they are terrified.

Aslan added that historical structures in the village have also been damaged.

Melike Gül Demir

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