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200 men raped 14 year girl for 3 years in Western Turkey city

Photo: T24

A 17-year-old high school student in the Efeler district of Aydın, S.K., was raped three years ago by her older sister’s boyfriend, Sercan S. The victim, whom Serkan S. recorded under threats and blackmail, has been assaulted by 200 people in the last three years. When it emerged that S.K. is four months pregnant, six people were arrested in relation to the rape scandal, according to report published by T24.

According to a Doğan News Agency report filed by Cem Ulucan, in 2014 Serkan S. allegedly used the pretext of giving his girlfriend’s sister, S.K., a dog to lure her to his house, where he then raped her. Serkan S. recorded naked images of S.K., which he used to blackmail her into compliance as he sold her to nearly 200 people.

S.K. became pregnant after enduring three years of sexual violence from many different people. On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, S.K. went to a hospital, complaining of abdominal and back pain. The hospital determined she was pregnant and notified the police, who began an investigation. S.K. gave a statement, in the presence of a psychologist, in which she revealed her ordeal. The police arrested the six men S.K. implicated in her statement, Sercan S., Onur Y., Nail K., Oğuzhan Ö., Mehmet C. and Çağlar D..

S.K. said these six men had raped her, adding: “After each time they raped me, they would allow others they brought with them to do the same. They would tell me, ‘We have proof that you slept with Sercan S.,’ and continually threaten me and force me to have sex with themselves and other men. Sometimes these people would watch while I was raped. There were older men, men I would call my uncle, and also high school aged boys. I don’t know all of their names, but I would recognize some if I saw them. I wish to make a complaint about the nearly 200 people who raped me in places I can’t even remember – homes, cars, the road to Çine, and other hidden places.”

Finally, S.K. said that her pregnancy resulted from a rape by Çağlar D.


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