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Trump Administration is concerned over Press Freedom in Turkey

Ilhan Tanir

The United State official, in an email, expressed Trump Administration’s concern over Die Welt’s Turkey reporter Deniz Yucel’s arrest.

In a statement via email, Trump Administration official, for the first time on behalf of Trump Administration, expressed concerns over the press freedom issues in another country, namely in Turkey.

Official, in an email, stated: “The United States is concerned by the reported arrest of journalist Deniz Yucel.”

What’s more, for the first time the Trump Administration, continuing very much the Obama Administration’s line over the subject, found the arrest of Journalist Deniz Yucel as a pattern by Turkish authorities to discourage critical viewpoints, stated: “His arrest appears to be another example of the Turkish authorities discouraging viewpoints critical of the government.”

Official from Trump State Department, ended by saying:”We firmly believe that a free press and the freedom of speech – even speech which some find controversial or uncomfortable – strengthen democracy and should be protected.”

Trump Administration expressed its first concern regarding developments in Turkey with regards pro-Kurdish HDP’s co-chair Figen Yuksekdag’s arrest, last week, linked here:

Who Is Deniz Yucel:

Deniz Yucel DW’s Turkey reporter and is the first German journalist who has been jailed in Turkey since President Erdogan’s party, AKP, came to power in 2002. Yucel has both German and Turkish citizenship. Turkish authorities had initially detained the German correspondent of Die Welt newspaper on February 14 on charges of propaganda in support of a terrorist organization and inciting violence. A formal indictment is still pending.

German officials, including Chancellor Merkel denounced the arrest and continue asking Turkey to release Deniz Yucel.

Today Turkey summoned German Ambassador to Turkish Foreign Ministry for German authorities disinviting Turkish Justice Minister and Turkish Economy Minister. Both ministers scheduled to appear for “yes” campaign in Germany.


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