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Erdogan orders to halt surveying over constitutional amendment

Recent public opinion surveys taken on the upcoming constitutional referendum in Turkey revealed that “yes” votes were low. In response, President Erdoğan held a “survey meeting” at his presidential complex.

Erdogan ordered for pro-AKP companies that were working on polling to halt surveying work.

Campaigns for Presidential referendum are ongoing, however AKP officials are not happy about survey results, which have revealed that the percentage of those planning to say “yes” has not increased in awhile.

According to Besti Karalar’s report from ANKA News Agency, the president requested an end to the survey studies, as recent results would create a negative public perception of “yes” votes. AKP officials opine that the population has yet to fully understand the constitutional proposal.

President Erdoğan will try to boost the number of “yes” votes with rallies to the middle of March ahead of the referendum, which is set to take place in mid-April. Following these rallies, Erdoğan will then ask that certain companies conduct further surveys.

The Turkish population will go to the polls for the constitutional referendum to vote on a set of 18 proposed amendments, most notably of which will introduce an executive presidency, granting President Erdoğan greater powers.


Editor: Leyla Magdalena Amur


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