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Claim: 10,000 personnel allegedly used ByLock app, may be purged from Turkish Army

According to Nuri Elibol from Turkiye daily newspaper, ten thousand personnel in the Turkish Army used the phone app called ByLock, these include six high ranking soldiers. Among the ByLock users, claimed by the same author that there are two brigadier generals who were also promoted in August 2016. However the newspaper claimed that nobody from Justice and Development Party (AKP) ever used that application.

Phone communication application ByLock is widely assumed to be used by members of the Gülen network for internal communication between 2014 and 2016 following the 17-25 December corruption scandal and it is declared as the primary evidence for Gulen membership.

It was reported yesterday by pro-AKP Akşam that the court decided to ask the records of ByLock from Lithuania, where the ByLock data is apparently stored.

The Major who tipped the failed coup is working for Turkish Intelligence Department

Another subject of curiosity was what happened to the pilot who tipped the coup attempt to Turkish Intelligence Department.  The Major pilot who was working at the Aviation Academy was purged from the Turkish Army by decree on the law. However, it has been claimed that the report on the Major which was the reason of exportation was wrong. The Major was first returned to his post. Then the General Staff appointed this person to Turkish Intelligence Department. Meanwhile, it has been stated that the number of those purged from Turkish Intelligence Service because of their ties to Gulen is around 200.

Claims on Adil Öksüz

Another allegation in the Turkish newspaper is related to “FETOist” Adil Öksüz, who happened to be at Akıncılar Base in the morning of July 16th. According to the claim based on the security units, a Major still serves in the General Staff headquarters is related to Adil Öksüz. It is expressed that the investigation about the major continues.  Also It is thought that Adil Öksüz is still in the country. Security units says “if he was abroad, he would reveals himself like everyone else”.

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