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After the investigation, a 34-year old academician commits suicide

The young academician who had an investigation due to connection with the Gulen movement has committed suicide.

A 34-year old assistant professor at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Ordu University in Turkey, Mustafa Sadık Akdağ, has committed a suicide after the interrogation into his alleged links to the Gülen movement and released. Akdağ put an end to his life by shooting guns in his head at the house of one of his friends in Trabzon on Monday. Why Akdağ has killed himself is still unknown during the visit of his friend. Young academician leaved a suicide note behind, “Nobody is responsible for my death. An accusation was directed at me. I am referring to those who directed this accusation to me to God.”

Akdağ’s body was taken to the Trabzon Forensic Medicine Institution for an autopsy while an investigation has been launched into his death. Akdağ, was recently released after the investigation of FETÖ/PDY links.

Three suicide within one week

This is the third suicide in one week due to investigation for alleged ties to Gulenists. Three days ago Dr. Mehmet Fatih Traş, the assistant of Economics and Administration Science Faculty of Cukurova University committed suicide after being dismissed by President Erdogan’s decree. A week ago,  Dr. Orhan Çetin jumped off the 10th floor of the hospital where he was receiving treatment for depression brought on by the suspension from his job.

Abidin Mutlu

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