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Shocking revelation: Turkish Intel Chief met with Turkey's top general for 6 hours a day before the coup!

Shocking: Turkish Intel Chief met with top general for 6 hours a day before the coup!


Where were Hulusi Akar and Hakan Fidan one day before the coup?

Muyesser Yildiz in her writing published in Odatv news site claimed that one more mysterious meeting occurred one day before the coup attempt between Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar and Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan, while the events “in the 6-hours-period between National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Undersecretary Fidan’s pay a visit to the General Staff Headquarters in the day of the coup attempt and the hour the coup plotters had started to move” keep their mysteries.

“I could not believe when I heard this claim about 1,5 months ago” Yildiz wrote and added: “I am thoroughly surprised when it was claimed that this information was also conveyed to Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu but he “did not dare to declare”; but, however I followed up the claim.

Yildiz said, “I asked, I investigated. Before sharing the information I have reached, I have to cite a part from the martyr Ömer Halisdemir’s case which started to be heard in Ankara 14th High Criminal Court last week.”

“Zekai Aksakalli, the Special Forces Commander, could reach MIT Undersecretary, but President and PM could not”

On Wednesday, February 22, the second day of the hearings, the sniper Infantry Sergeant Mehmet Bilge, one of the accused people, defended. Bilge who took part in the Special Forces Team that came from Diyarbakir at the coup night together with Semih Terzi, made interesting comments on what happened in the Special Forces Command. He started his defend by saying, “There are a number of question marks, there are many things that I could not reason out.”

Bilge in the hearing brought the issue to the agenda that Zekai Aksakalli, the Special Forces Commander, could reach MIT Undersecretary whom the President and Prime Minister could not reach and that MIT Undersecretary sent an armored vehicle to Zekai Aksakalli. Then, chief justice of the court İsmail Ademoglu said, “We will listen to these people as witnesses anyway over time.”

But when Bilge went on to say that he was tried for life without any evidence, that he had been declared a traitor, and if he knew that this treatment would be done to him, he would be a person who would want to make a coup on that day. “Precious people are treated like coup plotters, people who added star to their stars by our pains and struggles are heroes outside. Now those who fight against the coup are treated like as if they are coup plotters, the men who sit at their houses have got the rank.” continued Bilge.

“Even Zekai Aksakalli Pasha was not allowed to approach them (Akar and Fidan) while they were discussing on July 14 night”

Bilge recounted in the court: “On July 14, a course closing ceremony was held at the Special Forces Command. Normally it should be done on Friday, but it was done on Thursday. Why Thursday? Does it have a reason, it should be asked to Special Forces. Who are the participants? Chief of General Staff and MIT Undersecretary. Parachute jumps would be done, but they were canceled on the pretext of the weather conditions. As far as we know, the weather was fine in Ankara that day. I want the State Meteorological Service to be asked about that day’s weather. The ceremony ends at 17.30. The men can not say because they are afraid that something will happen to them, maybe they deny it. After the ceremony, the Chief of General Staff and the Intelligence Undersecretary are setting about the conversation in the garden with pool. As far as I know, I tell you; Even Zekai Pasha is not allowed to approach them. This conversation lasts until 23.00. First, the MIT Undersecretary should leave, but the Chief of General Staff is leaving. The MIT Undersecretary is staying there with a military administrator.”

However, beside the court, other accused and relatives of other accused people- and even his lawyer – did not discourse upon Bilge’s claims, saying, “He couldn’t withstand the events he experienced, his psychology is bad.”

Well, in Yildiz’s opinion, was this event Sergeant Bilge recounted completely delirious or gossip?

Of course, no.

She writes, “First of all, I found that the information of this interesting meeting was there in a testimony of a soldier who went to the ceremony at the Special Forces Command with the head of the General Staff Akar on the 14th of July, and was taken into custody after 15th of July and released after 20 days. Latter; I heard from some prosecutors myself. I also learned that some state officials are aware of this statement. Third; I made an official at that ceremony that day confirmed.”

Yildiz then counts the results after those determinations:

The graduation ceremony for the specialized course at the Special Forces Command was planned for Friday, July 15, besides it has been a custom that all the ceremonies scheduled on Friday. However, a few days before the ceremony firstly the ceremony had been reported to be taken on Thursday, then adjourned to July 18. It’s finally been decided on Thursday.

According to the recent writings of Murat Çelik, Ankara representative of the Vatan daily “It is not known whether because “they (Akar and Fidan) are close enough to use the same toothpick”, or because of his (Fidan) contributions to this course, MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan also participated in the ceremony.

The ceremony was finished at 18.00 and then a cocktail was given. After the cocktail, while leaving the other guests from the Special Forces Command, Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar and MIT Undersecretary Hakan Fidan went to the garden, saying “Leave us alone.” This head-to-head conversation in the garden had continued until 00.30.

“Maybe a meeting that would not be addressed to if the 15th of July didn’t take place. But, isn’t it in itself interesting that the two secret names of the coup had put their heads together a day before the 15th of July for 6 hours, and also that this secret, which almost everyone knows, has not been brought to the agenda and discussed despite 7 months passed?” finally asked Yildiz in her writing.

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