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Cumhuriyet Editor in chief Murat Sabuncu’s letter: 4 months of jail

The letter published on Cumhuriyet, translated by staff:

After the sunlight around 15:30

Today, it has been 4 months or 120 days or 16 weeks or 2280 hours. Within this time period, we were allowed out of our prison cells for a total of 36 hours: 17 hours for restricted meetings with family members, 17 hours for meeting with lawyers, 1 hour for phone calls and 1 hour for meeting with MPs. We have stayed in our cells for the rest. We are jailed unjustly and with defamation, our indictment yet to be prepared, and aggravated detention conditions…

Although I was planning to utter some statements, the current situations of my country caught my eyes while we have been in prison: Deaths, injuries, terror, unemployment, expulsion of academic staff, sabotages, intimidation… I changed my mind and decided not to talk about our own conditions, in fact I even felt embarrassed about having such a thought. I only want to share a short anecdote from what we lived in prison. We were actually allowed to see the sunlight through the window for the first time after 97 days. Around 15:30, with my cell mates, we watched the reflections of the sunlight for some time. We interpreted this favorably.

We are aware that the sun is a hope for not only for us but also for those who have been jailed due to their ideologies. With the aspiration of the days we will face the sun directly, we would like to suggest everyone who have been missing us to look for that magnificent brightness around 15:30 everyday.


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