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5 wounded after a fight broke out between Turks and Syrians

A tension erupted between Turks and Syrians who live in tents in Yuregir district of Adana for unknown reason. Three people including 2 Syrians wounded after the tension turned into a fight. Car windows got broken and Syrians’ tents burned down during the fight.

Numerous Police forces were dispatched on the scene after getting 911 calls from the citizens. Police confiscated riffle used in the fight. The wounded were treated in Numune Training and Research Hospital. Syrian descents Cabir Abid at age 25, and Ferhan Abid at age 32 are in serious condition while Huseyin Can’s condition isn’t serious.

“Syrians Have Been Evacuated”

Special Forces arrived to the scene and took extensive security measures with long barrel guns. Syrians have been evacuated with buses after police separated the two groups. During the evacuation, some Syrians hassled with the police.

Öznur Kaya


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