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The USA Promised! Turkey Changed Its Priority!

Most notable Islamist paper, which is fiercely pro-AKP, YeniAkit today published a story in which, sourcing the high level Turkish security officials, it claimed that Turkey may not need to participate the Raqqa operation. Translation of the story follows:

“There may be no need a military operation planned by Turkey through into Membic because of terror organizations PKK/PYD’s threats after al-Bab operation.

Continuing Rakka operation negotiations between Turkey and the United States accelerated after the control of al-Bab is provided. Two top names of Trump administration visited Turkey in series. In these visits road map of Turkey about Syria and arranged plans of Rakka operation were transferred to US officials. If an agreement is reached on the operation, 10 thousand of ÖSO (Free Syrian Army) members and 3-4 thousand of Turkish soldiers will be added to the operation according to given knowledge but it is known that Turkey stipulated a condition!

Senior security officials informed Turkiye Newspaper: ‘Turkey will constitude a special mission force for Rakka. It is suggested to the US. But joining of Turkey into Rakka operation is connected to YPG/PYD (Democratic Union Party) will not be in anywhere of the operation. YPG/PYD will be stable on where they are. This is Turkey’s plan. In some regions it’s known that YPG forces came close to nearly 8 km to Rakka. It is estimated that the operation of Turkey, ÖSO and American forces to Rakka will take a long time. There are difficulties but we have gained serious experience. Our priority is not Menbic, it’s Rakka. If Turkey achieves the operation with American forces, the US will provide YPG will leave Menbic and withdraw through the east of Euphrates.’”

Ebru Aksay

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