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Pro-Palace Journalist Küçük says Turkish Army Barracks are preparing for the 2nd coup

Today on a TV program that he participated Cem Kucuk claimed that Hürriyet’s Editor-in-Chief Mr. Sedat Ergin would be dismissed from his job, by Monday.

Cem Küçük claimed that the decision on this issue is final.

Cem Kucuk claimed that Fikret Bila would be appointed to Sedat Ergin’s position next Thursday during a program on 1AN tv, on Monday.

Cem Kucuk also maintained that Aydin Dogan had no advance knowledge of the news that published about the unease in the Turkish Military over the weekend and that Mr. Doğan was upset about the article.

Reminding that he was the first to report Tolga Tanis’ dismissal, Küçük on Monday’s live program claimed that removal of Sedat Ergin was certain.

It is widely known that Cem Kucuk has insider knowledge of the Hurriyet Newspaper and Dogan Media which he confirmed a couple of times during the televised discussion.

Küçük: Western Turkish Military Barracks are preparing for another coup

During the same program, Kucuk also alleged that there were unconfirmed rumors about the Turkish Military stationed in the Western part of the country gearing up for another attempt at a coup d-Etat. He claimed that the recent decision to lift the headscarf ban from the military was the catalyst of this turbulence.

Küçük is known with his close ties with the Erdogan’s Palace. Many of his early predictions regarding critical journalists positions proven to be accurate. His predictions regarding Hurriyet, whether Washington Representative Tanış’s dismissal or İsmet Berkan getting fired earlier proven to be accurate.

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